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Taylor, K. S., Lawrence, J. F., Connor, C. M., & Snow, C. E. (2018). Cognitive and linguistic features of adolescent argumentative writing: Do connectives signal more complex reasoning? Reading and Writing. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11145-018-9898


摘要:《共同核心国家标准》(共同核心标准倡议,2010年)在4-12年级的课程中具有辩论性写作特点,然而对于青少年如何发展完成这些任务所需的具有挑战性的高级语言和读写能力却知之甚少。本研究以40名中学生(六年级至八年级)的具有说服力的学术语言运用为研究对象,探讨其中: ( 1 )论证性的步法,显示出不同程度的复杂程度;(2 )主要的连接词类(添加性、转折性、因果性和时间性)。在我们的分析样本(n=158)中,论文是在学术词汇生成的背景下产生的,并被研究者和本科生的研究助理转录、编码和分析。随后,通过内聚力自动分析工具(TAACO;Crossley,Kyle和McNamara,2016)计算出连接词。描述性分析显示,在我们的样本中的六至八年级学生在他们的论文中使用了复杂的推理;50%的论文中至少有一个双重视角的论证,42%的论文中至少出现了一个综合观点论证。多元回归分析(校正后的标准错误)显示,转折性连接词(如虽然,尽管)与最复杂的论元(综合观点)有关,控制论文长度和主题类型(β=20.13,p=.006),以及整体论证的复杂性(β=17.25,p=.02)。研究结果表明,以课程为基础的简短论文对评估学生的辩论技巧很有价值。

基金资助: The research reported here was supported by the Institute of Education Sciences (https://ies.ed.gov), U.S. Department of Education (https://www.ed.gov) through Grant R305A090555 (Catherine Snow, Principal Investigator) to the Strategic Education Research Partnership (https://serpinstitute.org), and through Grant R305F100026, awarded to SERP as part of the Reading for Understanding Research Initiative (https://ies.ed.gov/ncer/projects/program.asp?ProgID=62). The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not represent views of the Institute of Education Sciences or the U.S. Department of Education. We thank the collaborating school districts and school personnel, as well as the participating teachers and students. We would also like to thank Breanna Briggs, Andrea Byng, Ragiah El-Shantaly, and Samaan Nur for their help and insight with applying the argument coding system to the essays. Special thanks are also due to Robert Selman and Nonie Lesaux for their support during the development of this study.

相关链接: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00933104.2016.1203852

xiang guan: Lin, A.R., Lawrence, J.F., Snow, C.E., & † Taylor, K. (2016). Assessing adolescents’ communicative self-efficacy to discuss controversial issues: Findings from a randomized study of the Word Generation program. Theory and Research in Social Education, 44(3), 316-343.http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00933104.2016.1203852